Saturday, 11 August 2012

Mary Chocolatier

Address: 73 rue Royale, Brussels 1000, Belgium
Phone: +32 02 217 45 00

Why we went here: We were still craving for Belgian chocolates and wanted to try specialty chocolatiers that were only available in Belgium.

In a Nutshell: Delicious chocolates but pricey and I still prefer Dumon.

Mary Chocolatier offered good chocolates - very smooth and creamy. It was a bit pricey but compared to Neuhaus, I much preferred the chocolates here so I was willing to pay the difference. However, I enjoyed the chocolates from Dumon Chocolatier in Brugge much much better so I would recommend buying from Dumon if you are making a trip to Brugge. If you're only visiting in Brussels, you can't go wrong with Mary. 

Window of Mary chocolatier
Assortment of chocolates

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