Saturday, 11 August 2012

About Thyme

Address: 3457 King Street, Vineland, Ontario L0R 2C0, Canada
Phone: 905 562 3457

Why we dined here: We needed a lunch spot before journeying to Balls Falls, so we rounded up the best rated restaurants around the area and ended up with About Thyme.

In a Nutshell: The Bistro Poutine da bomb - hands down the best poutine I've ever tasted! 

We decided to visit About Thyme after seeing its ranking in TripAdvisor and the glowing reviews. This was a spectacular find and definitely exceeded our already high expectations. Our party of three shared the following dishes:

1.) Mussels of the Day (small) - I definitely agree with the reviewer that the mussels & fries here can beat out the ones in Belgium. In fact, I much preferred it over the ones I had in Chez Leon in Brussels. The mussels were very fresh and juicy. The cream of leek and smoked bacon sauce was flavorful. Also, the small is actually quite big in size and would be enough for 2 to 3 people for sharing as an appetizer.

2.) Charcuterie Plate - If you love meat, you will enjoy this plate. You get a good variety and quantity of cured meats.

3.) Pork & Beans - The pork belly was very tender and melt-in-your-mouth. The only complaint we have is the fattiness of the pork belly.

4.) Bistro Poutine - The most memorable dish of our meal, hands down! This is different from the regular poutine in that it uses foie gras sauce instead of gravy, aged cheddar instead of cheese curds and it's topped with duck confit. Yes, it is a poutine fitting for royalty. That dish is worth the trek to About Thyme from Toronto any day. It's the best poutine we've ever had and we've had our fair share, even journeying to Quebec where the dish originated.

If you're within the area or within driving distance of Lincoln, this bistro should be in your To-Eat list. The closest comparison to a Toronto establishment that comes to mind is The Black Hoof. I enjoyed the dining experience at About Thyme more since the ambiance was more laid-back, less cramped, and the service was more attentive.

Specials of the Day board
Chips and Mayo that came with the mussels
Mussels of the Day (cream of leek and smoked bacon sauce)
Pork & Beans
Charcuterie Plate
Bistro Poutine (drooooool!)

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