Saturday, 11 August 2012

Falmouth Raw Bar

Address: 56 Scranton Ave, Falmouth, MA 02540-3541
Phone: 508-548-7729

Why we dined here: The receptionist at Briarwood resort (who is a Massachusetts native) recommended this spot as having the best monster lobster roll in the area.

In a Nutshell: Best monstah lobster roll and clam chowder we tasted in the New England area!

I had my best lobster roll and clam chowder experience at Falmouth Raw Bar! We tried the lobster roll and clam chowder at other restaurants in Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard, but nothing else comes close. The lobster roll here was massive and had overflowing fresh lobster meat. The bun of the roll was not great, but you'll be so stuffed with the lobster that you won't be able to finish the bun anyway. The clam chowder was very creamy and had a strong essence of clam and seafood. After having the clam chowder and lobster roll here, it was hard for us to enjoy the ones from other restaurants since we kept on comparing them with the ones we had here.

The stuffed scallop and stuffed quahog were just meh, so I deducted a point for that. Stick to their specialties - the monster lobster roll and New England clam chowder!

Falmouth Raw Bar menu

Stuffed quahog

Stuffed scallop

Monster lobstah roll!!!

New England clam chowder

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