Saturday, 11 August 2012

Ethiopiques Restaurant

Address: 227 Chruch Street, Toronto, Ontario M5B 1Y7, Canada
Phone: 416-363-0884

Why we dined here: WagJag had a voucher promotion for Ethiopiques and we were curious to try out Ethiopian food.

In a Nutshell: A unique dining experience, especially the coffee ceremony!

Ethiopiques was a very welcome surprise for us. We would never have stumbled upon this place on our own. The reason for our visit was really just to use up the WagJag voucher we bought ($20 for $50 worth of food). We ordered a Meat Platter, Gored Gored (Tender beef fillet) and Goden Tibs (Lamb short ribs). The meal was more than enough for 3 starving yuppies. We still had a bag of take-out after we stuffed ourselves to the brim. It was our first time eating Ethiopian cuisine. We liked the exotic flavor from the variety of spices. Some dishes had a spicy kick to them so have your water handy. The food is served with injera (similar to rolls of airy crepe/pancake). You use the injera to eat the foods with your hands, without the use of the spoon or fork. So that was also fun!

We also requested the coffee ceremony after reading the reviews in Yelp and Googling about the ceremony. Apparently, coffee originated from Ethiopia. They bring out the roasting pan when they're roasting the beans and shake the pan in front of you so you can whiff the intense aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans. The host will bring the jebena (clay coffee pot) to your table. Then, she will slowly pour the coffee to the small porcelain cups. Sugar is provided for you to sweeten the coffee to your taste, but not milk. The coffee is meant to be drank black. A basket of popcorn is also included for you to munch with your coffee. It was definitely a memorable experience and great way to cap off the night :)
Meat Platter + Goden Tibs + Gored Gored

Coffee Ceremony

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