Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Oud Sluis

Reservation Date: January 15, 2012 at 12pm
Chef: Sergio Herman
Duration: ~4 hours
Address: Beestenmarkt 2, 4524 EA, Sluis, Netherlands
Phone: +31 117 46 12 69
Tasting Cost: 195 Euros


Oud Sluis is located in a small town in Netherlands. We took the 42 bus from Bruges in Belgium since Sluis was just 40 minutes away from there. We arrived minutes early for our reservation so the restaurant was still closed, but the hostess kindly seated us anyway. The service was impeccable as can be expected in this kind of restaurant. The food was excellent and definitely exceeded my expectations (especially for the seafood...yum!!! I'm a seafood lover :D). The seafood was very fresh and I think all were locally sourced. I can't nitpick on any of the food since I genuinely enjoyed each dish. The only criticism I have is that they use a lot of similar ingredient combinations so you will taste familiar flavours for a couple of the dishes, rather than having an entirely unique experience for each dish. Also, some of the plating could have been improved but this is just really aesthetics.

Hands down, Oud Sluis is one of the best and most memorable meals I've ever had! If you have money to splurge and loves food, you should add this to your eat list.

Tofu and mushrooms to lick
Balinese boemboe, cucumber, white radish
Queen scallop, seaweed, kamut, mandarin, creme cru
Creme of black pudding from my friend Steven - sorbet of green apple, sweet onion, just of smoked bbq celeriac
Egg, oxtail, wild mushrooms, chicory and artichoke
Marinated and pickled atlantic cod with bergamot
Zealand terroir, sea and land
Scallop in the shell roasted on pine - chorizo, parsley root, little mushrooms and spices
Flat Zealand oyster - airy buttermilk pancake, winter herbs, miso-lime and oyster structures
Seabass - refreshing marinated winter vegetables, chlorophyll juice, pottage and lemon
Steenvoorde pigeon BBQ - red bittersweet salad, lentil yoghurt, hazelnut ganache and saus royal
-Stones, chocolate and barley malt
-Apple, mint and buddha's hand
-Rice, berries, agerdolc sergio and beetroot

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